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4 Ways To Cut Back On Your Water Bill This Summer

Do you ever notice that when the weather temperatures rise, so does your water bill? – far from ideal when trying to cut back costs. Don’t worry, this is a lot more common than you think. What if we told you that you could cut back on your water bill by 30% if you start implementing these 4 habits today? No, we aren’t kidding! 

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Keep Water In The Fridge

The first way you can cut down on your water bill this summer is by keeping water in the fridge. There is nothing more frustrating than coming home from being out in the heat and having to turn on the tap, hold your finger under the water, and let it run before the water finally gets to the temperature you desire. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Cut back on your water bill by filling up a jug or a great water purifying system, such as a Brita and keeping it in the fridge so you not only do not have to wait to get a thirst-quenching glass of water, but you’re not wasting an abundant amount of water waiting for the water to run cold from your tap. 

Save on Your Water Bill: Take Baths, Not Showers

Another way you can cut down on 30% of your water bill is by taking baths rather than showers. Raise your hand if one of your favourite ways to cool down, if you don’t have a pool at home or in your apartment building is to take a cold shower – we are guilty of this, especially after a hot day on a construction site. Rather than letting the water run, consider filling up your tub. Throw on a bathing suit, play some funky tunes, maybe even a margarita or beer in hand, and enjoy your at-home oasis. If you have kids, they will enjoy it as well! 

While you are at it, make sure you install a drain protector – this just one of many tips from our recent blog post 5 bathroom habits your plumbing will thank you for.

Thaw Foods In The Fridge

“My wife and/or husband asked me to take out the chicken in the freezer when I got home, and I forgot. I’ll just run it under hot water or fill the sink and let it defrost that way”. Although this method of thawing your dinner is effective at times and prevents you from sleeping on the couch, it isn’t as good at saving you money on your next water bill. Rather, consider leaving the item you wish to thaw from the freezer in a dish and place it in the fridge in the morning. This is just one of many ways to cut back on your next water bill.

Recycle Your Water

The last way you can cut back on your water bill this summer is by recycling your water. This can be done by either giving your plants the water you forgot to drink or purchasing a water collection system that lies outside in your yard, collecting rainwater for you to use for summer fun activities or to water your outdoor flowers. 

Say goodbye to an expensive water bill just because the sun has come out to play by starting to implement these 4 habits today – you can thank us later! Interested in learning more ways you can cut back on your household bills? Check out our recent blog top 5 ways to lower your air conditioning costs this summer.