5 Bathroom Habits Your Plumbing Will Thank You For


Did you know that most of your plumbing problems are preventable? Don’t wait until early in the morning, late at night or on the weekends (the times plumbing problems always seem to arise). Rather, start incorporating the following habits into your regular schedule so you can enjoy life uninterrupted by plumbing issues.

  1. Install A Drain Protector
  2. What Can & Cannot Go Down The Toilet
  3. Clean Your Shower Head
  4. Reduce Time in Hot Showers
  5. Choose the Right Bathroom Cleaner

Install A Drain Protector.

The purpose of any drain, as the name suggests, is to drain the water waste from your home and into the sewer, where it is collected to be further disposed of. But, more times than we would like to admit, drains can be clogged from items like hair, non-dissoluble particles from soap, makeup, small toys from bath time, etc. So, to prevent things like this from occurring, installing and regularly cleaning a drain protector is the best alternative to achieving a clogged drain and being unable to use the facility.

What Can & Cannot Go Down The Toilet - A Conversation To Have With Your Kids.

We’ve all been there, attempting to see if Spiderman can survive the ultimate adventure of being flushed down the toilet. Spoiler alert, aside from ethyl chloride, his weakness is being flushed as he gets stuck in the drain, causing far more problems than altering the universe. Our recommendation is to sit down with your kids, no matter their age, and discuss what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet to prevent further plumbing problems.

Prevent Build Up, Clean Your Shower Head

If you have hard water in your home, which essentially means your water contains excess calcium and magnesium, you may typically experience hard water stains that appear as white spots or even white build-up on your shower head. At first, it may seem like an inconvenience having to wipe down your shower and clean your shower head in warm water and vinegar to remove the residue, but if forgotten, it can create a larger issue. For example, hard water build up is one of the most common leading causes of pipes bursting.

Reduce The Amount of Time in Hot Showers

There is nothing like singing your heart out to some Carrie Underwood as the steam from your hot show fills the air, only dramatizing your performance. But, what If we told you, that your 30-minute hot showers are causing your bathroom harm – we wish we were kidding. The steam from your shower can cause mold development in every inch of your bathroom, including the outer rubber ring used to seal the piping together on your shower head; yuck! Instead, stick to reducing your shower time to 10 minutes, which won’t only prevent mould but will help you save money on your plumbing.

Bathroom Cleaners - They Can’t Do Much Harm, Right?

Store-bought cleaning supplies may temporarily remove the grime and grit that collects around the opening of your drain or unclog your drain due to its high acidity, but it also causes harm to your pipes as it erodes the inner lining of the pipe if not cleaned, which is hard to do correctly. 

If something is stuck in your drain, the best thing you can do is call Cascade Mechanical for an easy fix. Are you looking to clean the grime away? Look for non-acidic alternatives during your next shopping trip

The best solution?? Prevent plumbing problems before they happen by scheduling regular maintenance today! At Cascade Mechanical, we are expert plumbing technicians ready for when you need us. We will help explain the problem and then quickly find a solution.