Signs to Upgrade Your Home Heating Unit

Living so close to the mountains is quite a treat, but it also means your home heating unit gets put to work from October through until May.

At Cascade Mechanical we love the fresh air and the quiet of the craggy hills. However, as those winters roll in and the first blizzard coats the mountain peaks and the valley bottom in a think blanket of the fluffy white stuff, our noisiest neighbour often makes himself known.

The rattle, clang, and bang of your furnace should not be the price you pay for the backdrop of a snowy paradise. Your home should be comfortable, no matter what horrors the thermostat holds.

If you see any of the following signs, it might be time to consider a home heating unit upgrade.

home heating unit
  1. Runaway Bills

    The price of gas is going up, true, but it shouldn’t be going up that much. If you’re noticing sudden inefficiencies this summer, whether mechanical (stalled starting, extended periods of low output) or in cost, it may be time to look into a more efficient home heating unit upgrade. Once the initial headache of installing a new furnace is over, you’re looking at long-term savings.

    2. Repairs, Repairs, and More Repairs

    Tuning up a motorcycle is a romantic and rewarding ordeal. Tuning up your furnace is a sign that your home systems are growing to be ill-equipped for the service you need. If repair costs are scaling up to meet the cost of a replacement, you’re looking at a clear sign to swap out your aging home heating unit for a newer, more efficient one.
  1. Cling-Clang, Rattle Bing-Bang

    Do you have a marching band living in your basement? If your furnace is going bump in the night, it’s a sign that pieces are out of order, your furnace is in need of maintenance, or that the gradual shift in age has led to inefficiencies. This is especially true of older units. Like us, home heating units tend to droop a bit in their old age.


home heating unit

Cascade Mechanical has been the premier name in full-scope mechanical services in the Bow Valley for over 25 years. Whether it’s an industrial job, a home-improvement project, or a hospitality gas fitting, we’re here to help.

Replacing your critical home features, such as your home heating unit, doesn’t need to be intimidating. Contact us today to get started on turning those chilly winter nights into much cozier and quieter ones.