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How to Alleviate Allergy Symptoms Using Your Homes HVAC System

Spring means warmer weather and longer days, but it also means more pollen and dust in the air. Especially in the Bow Valley where Chinook winds whip up all sorts of dust particles that settle in your home. These air pollutants can wreak havoc on those suffering from asthma or seasonal allergies such as hay […]

How to Lower Your Air Conditioning Cost This Summer

With gas prices skyrocketing and grocery bills increasing the cost of comfortable living is quickly becoming seemingly unaffordable. You may think turning on the AC during the summer months will only get you closer to bankruptcy, but there are some easy ways to lower your AC bill and save you money. You don’t have to […]

Top Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Heating Unit

’Tis the season to crank up the thermostat! When was the last time you considered the health of your heating unit? As the winter weather storms in, staying cozy and warm in your space becomes top of mind. Here are the top signs that point to your furnace needing an upgrade. Loud Noises Screeches and […]

Top 5 Ways to Increase Humidity in the Winter

Throughout the colder, winter months, natural humidity levels drop significantly. In Alberta, we are particularly prone to that lack of humidity and this can leave our homes as well as our skin, hair, and nails feeling very dry. Increasing the humidity in your home has many benefits for comfort, health, and even cleanliness. Luckily, there […]

Signs to Upgrade Your Home Heating Unit

Living so close to the mountains is quite a treat, but it also means your home heating unit gets put to work from October through until May. At Cascade Mechanical we love the fresh air and the quiet of the craggy hills. However, as those winters roll in and the first blizzard coats the mountain […]

Get Your HVAC Prepared For Winter

When these old knees start a-goin’, that can mean one of two things. Either that old sports injury is acting up, or the Bow Valley is tucking in for one of its yearly snowfalls. Albeit, picturesque like a big fluffy earmuff deadening the sound of highway traffic, this time of year is when many of […]

9 Useful Tips & Tricks for Your Air Conditioning Questions

9 Useful Tips & Tricks for Your Air Conditioning Questions! It’s summertime and the sun is shining bright – heating up your entire home in the process! You’ve drawn the blinds and ordered takeout all week to avoid using the stove, but you know it’s finally time to invest in an appropriate cooling system. When […]

Programmable Thermostats: Top 4 Reasons “‘Why To Use”

In this article, we’ll talk about the top 4 reasons why using programmable thermostats can prove to be highly beneficial for you as a homeowner. So, let’s begin!  Helps You Save Money On Energy Bills Very Convenient To Use Comes With Hi-Tech Options Elongate The Life Of Your HVAC System Before we explain the reasons […]