Blocked Drain Pipe Leaky Faucet

The Leading Causes of Plumbing Issues

Why are plumbers great at poker? They often get a flush!

It always happens at the most inopportune moments. With all of the family home more often than not these days, blocked pipes and plumbing issues are bound to happen. Try your tried-and-true plunger to clear some of the easier blockages you encounter. If that doesn’t work, we recommend opting for a drain cleaning solution for maximum results. 

Got a bigger job? A plumber is an adventurer who traces leaky pipes to their source, so give us a shout! We offer a wide range of maintenance services for commercial and residential properties. 

Drip-drip-dripping Faucet?

Ever settle down for the night into your comfortable bed, only to be awakened by the echo of a dripping faucet somewhere from the dark depths of your home? Dripping faucets are an extremely common plumbing issue, are frustrating and over time becomes costly annoyances, wasting hundreds of gallons of water per month. Save on your water bill and the environment. 

In most cases of a leaky valve, the issue is that the inner seal is worn, or parts have become corroded or clogged with hard water deposits. As a result, the rubber O-rings and gaskets that seal connections between moving metal parts become worn down with time and repeated use. When they do, a leakage forms.

Tip! While you can attempt to undertake the repair yourself, it can be difficult if you don’t have the proper tools and the right washers. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can fix pipe leakages of any type

Blocked Drain Pipe Leaky Toilet

Toilet Running? Better Catch It!

While DIY toilet repair may sound easy, plumbing issues in the bathroom are more complex than you think! 

A running toilet happens when water from the tank flows into the bowl continuously via the overflow tube. Eventually, this will cause the water level in the tank to drop too low, triggering the float to restart the water, continuously topping off the tank. 

The most common causes of this constant flow would be an improperly sealing flapper valve letting the water through, an unbalanced float, or a fill tube that has come loose.

While online resources exist and toilet repair kits can make life simpler, half the battle is also in understanding the parts one is looking at and how to manipulate them properly. Incorrect installations and repairs could cause new, more severe issues, so it’s always best to leave it to a professional.

Tip! If changing out diaphragm valve installations isn’t exactly in your wheelhouse, let our experienced team handle repairs and installations.

Leaky Pipes? We have the fix.

Sometimes the only way out is up, which spells bad news for your home. Seeing a puddle of water pooling on your floor could be the result of a blockage or other obstruction that is causing the drainage system to malfunction. If water cannot drain from its intended source, it only takes a small amount of liquid to create damage and become a serious issue. 

Tip! Finding the source of a major leak and fixing it can be an emergency and sometimes requires removing floorboards or drywall to get to the issue.  Depending on the origin of the leak and how old the pipes are, pooling water can become a bigger problem and requires immediate repair. Book a service appointment to learn more.  

Is Low Water Pressure Getting You Down?

Nothing better than getting into a hot, pulsating shower after a long day of hard work, right? Low water pressure is a common plumbing problem and can be frustrating to understand.

Low water pressure can be the result of several causes, including something as simple as built up hard water deposits clogging your showerhead! These naturally happen over time and continued use. Try using a cleanser to eliminate this kind of build-up. 

Leaky pipes can also cause low water pressure, which entails a much more serious issue leading to potential water damage and costly home repairs as a result. Whenever water flow is concerned in your home, it’s important to figure out the root cause and eliminate any issue before it becomes a plumbing disaster. 

Tip! Clean out your shower or faucet head with a cleansing solution to improve water pressure. If this doesn’t work, try replacing out your showerhead. You can even opt for an eco-friendly version that gives the same effect but uses less water, which is better for you AND the environment! 

Still having issues? Give us a call to schedule a visit and have one of our plumbing experts solve your problem quickly and efficiently. 

Cascade Mechanical Plumbing Blocked Drain Pipe

Clanging Pipes? Smelly Drains?

Plumbing sounds and smells should never be ignored.

The most common causes of stinky drains include mold, bacteria, food, hair, grease, soap particles, and other gunk can line your pipes. Even if they don’t form a clog, they attract bacteria, which release foul odors – and are not good for your health. When debris clogs drains, water can start to pool in the sink.

Clanging pipes or “water hammer” as it is commonly referred to are usually a large thump or a series of banging sounds that start with a loud boom. Commonly this occurs when the water pressure in the pipes is higher than usual. If it’s a persistent issue, your water pressure regulator may need to be replaced. 

Tip! You can purchase a bathtub Snake to unclog debris and build-up in your drain causing any foul odors. Snakes can be purchased in varying lengths and is a great device for simple, DIY repairs such as unclogging a drain. 

Another Tip! For clanging pipes or ‘water hammer’ sounds, one solution may be to clear your air chambers by switching the main water valve off and opening all of the faucets. By draining all the water out you should actively drain the air cushions of any water. Once the water stops flowing from the taps, close them and turn the main valve back on.

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