How often you should schedule plumbing maintaince

How Often Should You Schedule Plumbing Maintenance?

How often should you schedule plumbing maintenance



Plumbing maintenance should be top of mind for any property owner, but is a task that is easily forgotten. It’s not like taking your car in for maintenance or doing the dishes.

To avoid spending thousands of dollars on repairs, it is important to keep an eye on your plumbing. Let’s take a look at how often you should schedule plumbing maintenance and what it entails.


How Often Should You Schedule Plumbing Maintenance?

How often you should schedule plumbing maintenance depends on many factors. Your home’s age is the first factor to consider. A home that is older will need more frequent plumbing maintenance than one that is a new build. Older homes have less efficient plumbing systems leading to water pressure loss. This is one of the 5 most common plumbing problems in old homes. The older the home, the less efficient the pipes will be.

How often you schedule plumbing maintenance depends on your home’s plumbing fixtures. If most of your fixtures are cast iron or steel, you’ll need to maintain them more often. While cast-iron pipes have many advantages, they can corrode over time, causing leaks. It’s best not to wait until these items start failing before you take action!

The third factor is the amount of water flowing through your pipes daily. If the water flow is higher than normal, plumbing maintenance should be completed more often. One example of this is running the dishwasher, washing machine, and showering at the same time. The higher your water consumption, the more frequent your plumbing maintenance should be.


Other Signs You Need Plumbing Maintenance

Of course, there are many other signs that you need plumbing maintenance:

  • Clogged drains
  • Gurgling sounds in your drain
  • Water pressure that’s too high or too low
  • Water takes a long time to get hot (or doesn’t get hot at all)
  • Appliances that don’t work or are slow


Signs that you need emergency plumbing work:

  • No water comes out of your faucets
  • A burst or leaking pipe
  • A sagging or leaking ceiling
  • Odours coming from your drain


What Does Plumbing Maintenance Include?

Our professional team will inspect all components of your plumbing system. The exterior of your home is the starting point for the maintenance inspection. There may be leaks or other damage that is affecting your pipes.

We’ll also examine the interior walls and floors for signs of water damage. If there is any damage present, we will recommend a repair before more damage occurs.

Next on the checklist are your fixtures and appliances. Our team will check your sinks and toilets for leaks to ease the issue before damage to your home occurs. Fixtures may also have cracks which can cause mold issues if not repaired early on.

Take matters into your own hands and schedule regular plumbing inspections. Err on the side of caution, rather than waiting until it’s too late!

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