Top 3 Most Common Hot Water Heater Problems

Hot Water Heater Temperature

Common Hot Water Heater Problems and What You Can Do

There are 3 main reasons your hot water heater isn’t working properly.

  1. Water Temperature Issues
  2. Water Heater Making Noises
  3. Leaking Water Heater

Hot water in our homes is something we may not think much about. That is until it’s nowhere to be found. This month, we are exploring a few common hot water heater problems; discussing how you can take action to fix them, and get back to focusing on less stressful times.

In order to set the scene, consider this: it’s bright and early Monday morning, you’ve rolled out of bed, stretched your arms nice and wide, done some neck circles, and are feeling ready to start a brand new week. 

You walk into your bathroom, turn on the shower and wait a moment to let it heat up only to get in and receive a body-rocking jolt  – yup – it’s freezing cold water.

AH!  Your hot water isn’t working, and you have no idea what to do.

First DON’T panic.

While this may not go down in history as the best Monday on record, it can be quite common for a water heater to suddenly quit.

Ideally, you call our team at Cascade Mechanical, and we help you get on with your day. 

When you do call, be sure to note the age and size of the tank and the type of vent in your home. As it is very handy to know what to look out for in order to give our team a detailed explanation of the problem – or better yet, maybe you can fit it yourself.

Hot Water Heater Temperature Issues

At the top of the most common issues reported, water temperature is #1. Sometimes it’s too cold, and other times it’s actually way too hot.

In most cases, we advise you to go to the water tank and adjust the thermostat on the tank, it may have been accidentally bumped which caused the temperature to change.

Turning down the water tank’s temperature is also a common practice to save energy during the summer months. Increasing the thermostat temperature during the winter months will often fix your temperature issue.

If the water does NOT heat up when you turn up the temperature, you might be experiencing a faulty thermostat. The solution is to replace the thermostat.

Other common issues we’ve found when it comes to water temperature variances include:

  • A leak in the water tank
  • The gas control or burner assembly might be damaged
  • Mineral deposits reduce the heater’s efficiency
  • A problem with the temperature-pressure relief valve

However, if the tank has a leak in it, it is time to call in a professional to replace the unit asap!

Water Heater Making Noises

A noisy water heater doesn’t always alarm people, but it can be seriously annoying.

There can be a number of causes here, one of which is a build-up of water sediment. To avoid this, plan a flush of your water heater. Typically this is scheduled annually. 

The buildup can happen due to the sediment being burned by the heating element or your heating element itself needs to be replaced.

As it begins to deteriorate, it can slowly burn out and cause noises from within the unit.

If it’s a boiling sound that you are hearing, this is the sound of the unit overheating, causing dangerous pressure buildup.

In this case, call a professional immediately.

Leaking Water Heater

If a drastic temperature drop has occurred, there may be a leak.

Some causes for this are age, poor installation, poor maintenance, loose valves, and tank pressure.

Leaks are often very obvious – so take a visual scan around your hot water heater if you are worried about this being the case.


If all else fails, and you quickly learn that you actually need a new hot water unit entirely, we can help you solve this problem. If you have any additional doubts, call a professional to get the job done right – the first time. 

We offer emergency service and are ready to serve your home or business in Canmore, Banff, and throughout the entire Bow Valley – Monday through Friday.

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